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Purpose of this site:

  • The purpose of this site is to provide an online retail service to enable customers to purchase our designer, high quality goods.

  • The services referred to in clause 1 are supplied on an as is or voetstoets basis. Kali Moda gives no warranties in this regard other than those explicitly contained in these general terms of use. All other warranties express or implied are expressly excluded.


Responsibility For Information and Content Monitoring:

  • You are solely responsible for the information you store on the Kali Moda website which information you can delete or amend by accessing Kali Moda online and following the relevant procedures. Kali Moda will however archive deleted information for at least 90 days.

  • You undertake that you will not store any information on Kali Moda website nor will you allow any information to be stored in your name that is defamatory, discriminatory, blasphemous or which constitutes hate speech or is otherwise regarded as being unlawful.

  • While Kali Moda does not actively monitor content it does nonetheless reserve the right to remove any information that contains information that in its opinion could contravene the provisions of clause 2.

  • The information on the Kali Moda website may contain typographical errors or inaccuracies. Kali Moda reserves the right to update any information we see fit at any time without prior notice. Please note that such errors may relate to product information, pricing and availability. In these instances, we shall have the right to terminate any orders involving pricing errors or inaccuracies.





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