Pop Up Diaries

It's not easy selling your own product. At least not for a lot of people, and definitely not in the beginning. Obviously, it's a lot easier the more passionate you are about it... or is it? Can passion mask the complete lack of confidence one can have in themselves? or is it a lack of passion that masks the confidence one CAN have...?

I used to share a market stall with two other brands at the Bay Harbour Market for under a year from 2018 - 2019, and I wasn't very good at selling my brand. I didn't enjoy it, I was super shy, it was quite honestly a task I wish I didn't have to deal with - but then again, who does really? (surprisingly a lot of people, I might find!). It wasn't very profitable for me so I decided to pull out at the start of Winter last year, leaving my sales up to my various stockists (YAY!). It was after a few months when sales started to decrease (not only that but they were incomparably worse to the previous year) and I started to feel lost and out of touch with my brand and my customers. In August, I started taking part in pop-ups again, which I had last done at the start of 2019. They were always more profitable for me than the market, I caught the tourists (who I saw as my primary customer - but how can I truly know someone who is constantly coming and going?), and they were fun to do - you get to meet and network with so many local creatives like yourself. I was excited to get back into them again. Except for when they go really badly, which a lot of the ones I did since then had gone! I started getting a different target market to that of which I was used to or expected. Before, I only did pop ups at the Bello Studio at the Old Biscuit Mill. Now, I was testing out new ones. I was disappointed at the turn out and my sales (which were very low). I found that I was succumbing to dropping my prices to match those of the brands around me, desperate to make some sales. But, I took it all as a learning curve. One can only try and test before understanding what will work and what won't. And to more importantly trust your gut feel!

I have since done more pop ups than I ever have before, and I can honestly say that I can't wait for the next, or even one that is more permanent! I think everyone can agree that THIS SEASON HAS BEEN REALLY WEIRD! Everyone that doubted the success of my knitwear doing well in Summer, think again! - Psst... I'm just as surprised :) The past few months have gone really well and I've been given that new-found confidence and validated of the direction I should take my brand in. I've finally found my voice which makes it all the more enjoyable! I'm loving interacting with my customers again, and that passion I was lacking or should have had from the very start? HELLO! :)

Keep an eye out for my next post to see the new direction of Kali Moda Knitwear...





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